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Hot Chocolate Series

Hot Chocolate.png

​​Cobizco 3in1 Hot Chocolate

Packing Specification: 20gm x 20’s

Net Weight: 400gm

Cobizco Hot Chocolate is made from finest cocoa powder, which bring you a rich, smoothy, creamy mug of hot cocoa like no one else! It is the classic hot chocolate that will satisfy any chocoholics' cravings.

It is an indulgent treat for a good wake-up and relaxing afternoon.

Cobizco Oviten Chocolate Malt Drink.png

Cobizco Oviten Chocolate Malt Drink

Packing Specification: 30gm x 20’s

Net Weight: 600gm

Cobizco Oviten Chocolate Malt Drink with a rich aroma and wholesome taste, which masterfully blended from the finest cocoa. It has an excellent chocolaty aroma with superb milky richness, formulated with extra malt for a richer texture, more nutritious and a sensually graceful aftertaste, as sweetness was carefully controlled.

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